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    Equipping Minds is designed to help any individual wanting to strengthen their ability to learn, to read, to write, to think, to plan, to spell, to remember the steps to a math problem, and much more. It is a cognitive training program which strengthens working memory, processing, comprehension, reasoning, social skills, language, and attention. We work with a variety of individuals of all ages and abilities with great success. This includes Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Gifted, Learning Challenges, ADD/ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Memory, Comprehension, Down Syndrome, Processing Disorders, Dementia, Executive Functioning, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Communication Disorders, and Neurodevelopment Disorders. We have students from 3 years old to adults who are 90 years of age use the program.
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    Dr. Brown has posted a series of 8 free videos on the Equipping Minds YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYsbeGrNdZ7EgqPVsDp6eYQ

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    What separates Equipping Minds from other programs is its holistic approach. The Equipping Minds program uses nutritional therapy, primitive reflex exercises, sound therapy, vestibular therapy, and vision exercises in addition to Equipping Minds cognitive training exercises which were developed by Dr. Carol Brown. The cognitive training exercises are designed to integrate different areas of the brain at the same time. Learners participate in fun games and activities. These games are used to find the specific areas in which the brain struggles such as working memory, processing speed, perceptual reasoning, and comprehension. From there, the therapist can hone in and “give the brain a workout.” Much like an athlete trains at the gym, the therapist uses these games and activities to stretch and strengthen the brain.

    Equipping Minds also differs from other programs, in that, these brain strengthening exercises use what the student already knows. Equipping Minds ingeniously sets aside academic skills allowing us to get to the foundational roots and cognitive functions, quickly and accurately. Working memory and processing speed are two of the most common weaknesses we see in students with learning challenges.

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